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A4Design&Contract s.r.l.

is the brainchild of three Architects.
Since 2005, A4 Design has built around 1,200 points of sale, and several projects in Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Malta.

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A happy union between design and production

Particular experience has been gained in the design of interior spaces, both commercial and residential, having taken care of numerous and significant projects both in Italy and abroad.

Whoever turns to A4Design receives all the in-depth analysis typical of a professional firm, completed, finally, by the contribution of qualified and highly experienced workers, both in the production of the furnishings and in the execution of internal and plant works.



We start by understanding the customer's needs before designing exclusive projects, combining functionality and aesthetics, management and organization. A twenty-year experience in both design and production is made available to companies and individuals who need to renovate or create their own space from scratch.


Value for money

An articulate operative division, with a modern production laboratory equipped with the necessary machinery for the realization of both custom-made furnishings and industrial-type machinery, and capable of providing mass production, permits an attainment of precision, quality and cost-effectiveness in the execution.


Turnkey Delivery

From the development of the initial idea to the execution of internal and external construction works, from both electrical and hydraulic plant interventions to the final assembly of the furniture, each project is followed with attention and professionalism up until the "turnkey" delivery.



Our team employs technicians and skilled workers who shape and create unique works. The furniture takes shape in the carpentry department and is tailor-made by the skilled hands of our artisans, the only ones able to translate the Architects' projects into material reality.

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from the drawing board to installation of furnishings, we follow all the phases of execution of an architectural work.

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