A jewellery store is by definition a place to live the emotion of buying, a gift for the loved one, and a gift with which to remember a moment full of meaning in one’s personal history.

Hence the need to create a unique and emotional, evocative and familiar space, where the customer becomes the true protagonist.

Our works are the expression of a continuous consultation between aesthetic research and functionality, passion and technique.

Through the use of natural materials, sophisticated workmanship and extensive experience in the design of luxury environments, we carry out “turnkey” projects in which rationality, practicality and aesthetics are complementary and harmonized.

A twenty-year experience in both design and production is made available to enhance the exhibition spaces, giving shape to unique, personalized and “tailor-made” environments.

Our approach to design revolves around the wishes of the customer and accompanies them to the finished creation of the jewellery, rigorously realized within a precise and wisely planned timing of interventions.

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Immediate inspection
Technical consultancy

Design and construction of jewelery shops: some of our projects