A4Design & Contract srl is the brainchild of three Architects: Alessandra Pedone, Carlo Tomeo and Davide Crocetto.

“Our intent has always been to fully understand the problems linked to the creation of a space, in order to best meet the needs of the client.
It is for this reason that, in the course of our professional experience, we have added to the design phase also the productive phase, so as to be able to manage and deepen each phase of creation of an architectural product.”

A4 Design, starting as a traditional design studio, is today an articulated service company, with specific and sectorial skills, linked not only to the design of spaces, but also to visual merchandising, to operational and strategic marketing, up to the development of plans for internal and external communication at the point of sale.

To this field of professional study, there is an articulated operative division, equipped with a modern production laboratory, equipped with both the necessary machinery for the realization of custom-made furniture and industrial-type machinery, capable of providing mass production, intended for companies wishing to develop franchising networks.

Thanks to this distinctive uniqueness, A4 Design boasts works performed throughout Italy and abroad in the footwear, clothing, catering and Hotel sectors. Melluso footwear, Uniposte spa, Dorabella, Salute Store, Givova, Lattementa, Lavanda Di Venzone, Ask the Pharmacist, are, just to name a few, among the brands that have chosen to rely on the company for the development of their business concept.

Since 2005, A4 Design has built around 1,200 points of sale, and several projects in Belgium, Switzerland, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria and Malta.

A4Design Home

Also in this case, the peculiarity of the group is to be an architectural design studio with an operative arm, able to respond to all types of commissioned projects, supplied with a “turnkey” formula.

“Designing a domestic space is the most intense and fascinating challenge for an architect… being the opportunity not only to articulate and balance the various environments that make up the living space, but also to understand lifestyles, emotions, and the habits of those who inhabit it… somehow they become part of their lives trying to improve it.”